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What is Knowledge Transfer and how will it bring value to the Irish Aquaculture Community?

Since Aquaculture was first established in Ireland in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it has been revolutionised through developments in diet, veterinary treatments, stock selection and farming technologies. These developments have come about as a result of scientific research and advances in knowledge. All across Europe, as well as globally, investment and activity in further research around all aspects of aquaculture is increasing, meaning that the possibilities are endless as to how science, technology and knowledge can impact the Irish Aquaculture Community.

Recognising this potential, in 2019, BIM launched an innovative initiative to help advance the Irish aquaculture sector. The idea was to look for commercially-relevant knowledge (including technology and innovations) in Ireland and across Europe, and to find out if it could support the industry to reach its production targets by 2030 by facilitating the transfer of this knowledge. Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s largest research and innovation funding programme to date (2014-2020), has been dedicated to facilitating “breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market”. This and other funding programmes are being targeted by BIM who are utilising an innovative knowledge management methodology to ensure that the transfer of knowledge is strategic, coordinated, and effective.

The IATiP fully supports these efforts as it is building towards becoming an active multi-stakeholder platform facilitating the exchange of information, supporting knowledge transfer, and stimulating collective actions to help develop a sustainable Irish Aquaculture sector. It’s vision is to provide leadership, effective support, and in-depth expertise so that “Ireland becomes an international leader in high value differentiated products that satisfy the growing demand for healthy, safe, responsibly and sustainably produced seafood”.

What has happened so far?

BIM are working with an Irish SME, Intrigo, who have been busy collecting knowledge of potential interest to the sector over the past year. Over 65 individuals have been interviewed, gathering over 120 descriptions of innovative knowledge with relevance to the different types of Irish aquaculture. In the coming months, meetings are being held with invited experts to help BIM identify where there is high potential for the collected knowledge to be applied within the sector.  Where high potential knowledge is identified, a bespoke ‘transfer plan’ will then be developed to facilitate its application by the sector.

What is in it for you?  

IATiP see this as an opportunity for the whole community. BIM is working with the knowledge owners to share the prioritised state-of-the-art knowledge directly to you, the community; but they are also seeking solutions for your needs. If you know of a researcher or company in Ireland or in Europe that you think has a notable piece of knowledge, technology or innovation that could have an impact on the Irish aquaculture sector; or, if you have a need and are seeking a solution, Intrigo would like to hear from you.

For all enquiries, please contact Intrigo Senior Project Manager, Georgia Bayliss-Brown, by email (georgia@intrigo.eu).