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IATiP Brokerage Events – Recordings


Thank you to all attendees, speakers and chairs for attending and presenting at the IATiP Brokerage Events held on 4th December 2020. These events were intended to highlight a range of promising technologies and innovations to the Irish aquaculture community. The event was divided into three sessions, covering seaweed, shellfish and finfish. The recordings of these events are available below.

If you have any questions for the speakers, please email secretariat@iatip.ie and we can pass them onto the respective speaker.

IATiP Seaweed Brokerage Event featuring Lucy Watson (BIM, Chair), Joe Bennet (The Biorenewables Development Centre), Sarah Hotchkiss (Cybercolloids), Gillian Gardiner (Waterford Institute of Technology), and Sushanta Sahar (Limerick Institute of Technology).

IATiP Shellfish Brokerage Event featuring Patricia Daly (BIM, Chair), Jorge Lago Alvarado (ANFACO), Brian Quinn (University of the West of Scotland), Ian Philips (Anua Clean Air), and Jeroen Wijsman (Wageningen University and Research).

IATiP Finfish Brokerage Event featuring Geoffrey Robinson (BIM, Chair), Anita Talbot (Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology), Sven Jørund Kolstø (Optoscale), Luis Andrés Sepúlveda (PSP Solutions), Brian Quinn (University of the West of Scotland), and Andy Gardiner (Sundew).