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Innovations for Irish Aquaculture: Short Video Interviews – Part 9


Learn more about current developments in aquatic monitoring developments that are being developed in the Interreg-funded STREAM project and the Horizon 2020-funded IMPAQT project.

IATiP is committed to continuing to bring you interviews with individuals over the autumn and winter to continue highlighting innovations and technologies that are relevant to the Irish Aquaculture community. If there are any topics or speakers who you would like to hear from, please get in touch.

In previous weeks, we have looked at topics varying from fish health (Part 1), seaweed (Part 2), genetics (Part 3), filtration systems (Part 6) and public perception (Part 8) to services that are available to support aquaculture businesses (Part 4 and Part 5). This week, we look to activity taking place in the South East and South West, where two projects are actively looking at new ways to monitor the aquatic environment using sensor technology.  

First, we would like to introduce you to Joe O’Mahony, who has a background in printed electronics and optoelectronics and is a Lecturer and Researcher at the School of Engineering, Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).  He presents his work in the STREAM project to develop printed sensors to save on production costs for remote environmental monitoring of shellfish producing areas.  To find out more, watch the video, by clicking here.

And the second showcase interview is that held with Hamed Jafarzadeh who is a graduate masters student at Tyndall National Institute. Hamed spoke to us about his work within the IMPAQT project in developing wireless sensors that are able to provide real-time aquatic monitoring data, unlike standard archival sensors which require retrieval prior to observing the collected data. To find out more, watch the video, by clicking here.

Do you have knowledge to share?  Are you looking for a solution to help your aquaculture business?

If you would like to be interviewed and featured on the IATiP website, we would love to hear from you.  For all enquiries, please contact Intrigo Senior Project Manager, Georgia Bayliss-Brown, by email (georgia@intrigo.eu).