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IATiP News: Innovation For Irish Aquaculture – IATiP Will Bring It To You!


Do you want to learn more about the latest innovations, technologies and knowledge relevant to Irish aquaculture that is being generated through funded research? Are you interested to hear experts talk about how they can support Irish aquaculture companies across all thematic areas? Then you need to follow the Irish Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform website and twitter, and join our mailing list!

This summer, IATiP plan to support and engage with all actors involved in the Irish Aquaculture Sector to facilitate the exchange of information, support knowledge transfer and stimulate collective action to work towards a more stable sustainable future. Recognising that the Aquaculture Industry is under severe pressure as a result of Covid19, with many farmers and companies having to adapt and adjust their ways of working, IATiP has planned a series of online tools to support this important industry by providing timely innovation information, knowledge and insights that could be of interest and value in the near future. Both Irish and European research experts will inform and participate in the different resources, providing access to the latest technologies, innovations, knowledge and ongoing research relevant to seaweed, shellfish and finfish farming in Ireland.

Over the next few weeks, IATiP will launch the publication timeline for its planned blogs, webinars and interviews which will be available through the IATiP website (www.iatip.ie). All items will be freely available after their publication, with webinars and interviews recorded to allow access at all times.

IATiP would also like to encourage the Irish aquaculture community to let us know what innovative aquaculture technologies you would be interested in hearing about. You can contact IATiP by email (secretariat@iatip.ie) or by twitter (@IATiP_IE).

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