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IATiP News: Interim Steering Group announced


At the IATiP stakeholder workshop in Dublin in April, participants brainstormed on the structure, services and activities of the IATiP. During this meeting, it was agreed that the IATiP should be an independent, legal entity and that openness and transparency in the governance of the platform should be established from the outset to ensure all stakeholders buy-in.

Since, an Interim Steering Group has been created by BIM to support the initial development of the IATiP. As it is for the stakeholders to decide upon the structure, governance and activities of IATiP, the idea of this Interim Steering Group is to bring together a representative group of stakeholders to co-create a suitable outline of IATiP that could be put forward to the members for feedback, ratification and adoption. The Interim Steering Group met on 27th September 2019 and discussed: (i) The Steering Group’s role, scope, composition and duration of term the Steering Group; (ii) The IATiP’s legal and governance structure; and (iii) The IATiP’s potential activities and role.

The IATiP’s proposed structure, governance and activities will be presented to its members at the next meeting of IATiP. The date of this meeting is to be announced at a later date but is expected to be in early 2020.

Hamish Rodger was elected as Chair of the Interim Steering Group.

The Interim Steering Group members are:

Name Organisation
Sarah Culloty UCC
Máire ni Éinniú Údarás
Kian Louet-Feisser Carlingford Oyster Company
Paul Kearney Keywater Fisheries Ltd
Catherine McManus MOWI
Teresa Morrissey IFA
Damien O’Keeffe Bradan Beo
Finian O’Sullivan Bantry Harbour Mussels Ltd
Hamish Rodger (Chair) VAI Consulting
Neil Ruane Marine Institute
Anita Talbot GMIT
Lucy Watson BIM