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One week left to register: EATiP Seaweed Forum


We are opening the new year with the EATiP seminar on “New Developments in the Cultivation of Seaweed and Microalgae” which will be taking place on on 22nd January 2021 from 9am-11am (10am-12pm CET).

The EATiP Forum is co-hosted by two of its Mirror Platforms, the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) and the IATiP. Jointly, we feature speakers from Ireland as well as across Europe sharing innovations within the area of seaweed and microalgae cultivation. The presentations will be followed with a panel discussion, responding to questions from attendees.

To register, click here.


  • Welcome
    Alexandra Neyts | EATiP
  • Seaweed aquaculture – Ireland’s perspective
    Lucy Watson | BIM
  • Advancements in Scottish seaweed aquaculture
    Michele Stanley | SAMS
  • Microalgal innovation at Shannon ABC
    Sushanta Saha | Shannon ABC
  • Implementation of new red weed husbandry processes in the hatchery
    Freddie O Mahony | Cartron Point Shellfish
  • Towards a sustainable production of novel food from new high value seaweeds
    Bertrand Jacquemin | CEVA
  • The future – A perspective from Denmark and Europe
    Susan Holdt | DTU Food,  Annette Bruhn | Aarhus University