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Aquaculture Toolbox provides guidance and recommendations for aquaculture licensing process


The Aquaculture Toolbox is a collection of modelling and guidance tools to assist decision makers and aquaculture producers (applicants) throughout Europe in the aquaculture licensing process. It was developed through the EU-funded H2020 project TAPAS (Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability), which is led by the University of Stirling, UK. The Marine Institute is the Irish partner in the TAPAS project.

The toolbox provides information on eight key stages of the licensing process; Location, Licenses, Pre-application, Application, EIA, Consultation, Decision and Compliance and embedded within these stages are the modelling and guidance tools. In particular, the toolbox supports authorities in improving the efficiency of licensing systems as well as in strategic planning for a more sustainable aquaculture industry. It also supports applicants in evaluating the environmental impact of their developments during proposal and subsequent operational phases as well as improving initial site selection to guide them in locating their facilities appropriately. As the toolbox has been designed to accommodate a range of users with different needs and expertise, a user can focus on a specific section that is most relevant to them.

To access the publicly available aquaculture toolbox please visit https://www.aquaculturetoolbox.eu/.  A video on background information is provided here and instructions on using the tool is available here.